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We Are Podcasting Now!

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

This had been on my heart to do for a while now, but the process just seemed too daunting. So at some point I just had to take a deep breath and start taking the steps needed to bring this to life. Shout out to Justin, Brittany, Johnna, & Tsciena for seeing this through in prayer, support, and work. - Shekinah AKA "Dr.SFWalters" ;)

Episode 0 Transcript:

Hey, y'all it's me, Dr. SF Walters. And you're listening to the 1140Glory Truths and Promises podcast. It's happening, it's here. And I like to think it's popping. I am so excited to be doing this thing called life with each of you. I'm talking to my visionaries culture, shifters world changers. And of course my trendsetters. My sojourners, the ones who know that our time here is temporary and it demands that we live out our life of purpose every single day.

Finally, a podcast! I have been looking forward to this. My friends have been looking forward to this, don't worry, you'll meet them soon enough. And we are ready. So now it's time for you to get pumped, because this will be a space where as believers, we can talk about the truths and promises that we find in the scripture that keep us in each new season and on each new journey, the heart of 1140Glory, as well as this podcast is to simply see folks obeying God and all that they do.

But we know that obeying God, in and out of our wilderness seasons ,requires that we trust God, but in order to trust him, we must also know him. So once per week, I hope, come sit with me and maybe a special guest of mine as we discuss life's journeys and God's faithfulness. Here in this space, we will know God through His word, trust God, through our relationships, and obey God in every new season, place, and journey.

This is the Truths and Promises podcast.

Listen on our Podcast page, ApplePodcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify.
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