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Multivitamins...Health...& Productivity

So recently I started on a new journey to a healthier version of me. This means taking up pilates again, committing to a morning routine, eating better, and investing in multivitamins and other targeted vitamins to supplement my diet. 

Today I want to briefly share with you 2 things that I’ve learned about multivitamins:

1. Our bodies need vitamins and nutrients to function at maximum capacity. This means that we need a balanced diet daily, but in all honesty, no matter how healthy we eat no one gets it right everyday and that’s where multivitamins come in.

Multivitamins are a combination of different vitamins normally found in food sources. They are used to provide vitamins that are not taken in through your diet. 

Did you know that you should eat 5 colors of food per day? 5 colors: Green, Red, Yellow/Orange, White, Blue/Purple. Do you eat a blue food everyday? I know I didn’t but those foods contribute to a stronger memory (which as a PhD student or entrepreneur is vital!).  

So, multivitamins help bridge some nutrient gaps so you can meet the recommended amount of nutrients in all of the 5 color food groups.

2. There are so many benefits to using multivitamins. That in the past month I’ve experienced firsthand: Greater energy, increased physical strength, better mood, reduced stress and anxiety, & improved memory & productivity . 

When we don’t get enough vitamins, our body works harder to perform simple tasks. Overworking and running on fumes leads to fatigue and other mental and physical health problems. Additionally, our body produces waste products known as free radicals. Free radicals (although free) are not good! They are mainly responsible for muscle aging-related problems and various diseases. Supplementing our diet with vitamins & keeping a healthy lifestyle keeps us energetic and fit and mitigates the damaging effects of free radicals. Studies have shown that daily multivitamins have positive effects on mood and emotional well-being. Getting enough vitamins and minerals improves the brain functions responsible for our mood. Even in the midst of 2 major pandemics (COVID-19 & Racism) I have felt more balanced and centered than ever before. The vitamins, minerals, & phytonutrients in my daily multivitamin has also significantly reduced levels of stress and anxiety. The body uses vitamins to convert food into energy, keep the nervous system functioning properly, and to produce stress-relief hormones. Taking multivitamins daily replenishes the body's supply of vitamins to optimize this process. In addition to my multivitamin I also take a “less stress” gummy that really calms my soul when feeling anxious.

Studies show that vitamins have a significant impact in supporting memory function. In some studies, older participants who supplemented with vitamin B12 did better in memory tests compared to those who did not take supplements. Taking multivitamins has also helped me to establish a healthy morning routine which increases productivity.

Not all multivitamins are of the same quality. I see companies selling a ton of different “personalized” vitamins but “buyer beware” - because in some instances this just seems like a cute & trendy marketing technique. I’ve compared the multivitamins I use to several other brands and the ones that I take are vibrant and potent. Through a simple demonstration/experiment I noticed that it takes my multivitamin 30 seconds to dissolve and you can literally see the colors of the vitamins. As compared to vitamins by nature made and even centrum, I swear by the vitamins that I use, and  if you’re interested in checking out the vitamins I use, let me know :)

I won’t hold out on the goods. I want all of us to experience an optimized life. 

Stay well & stay fit,


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