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{Podcast S2 E5} Running Into God: A Journey Story w/ Britney Marie Harris

We are back with another Journey of Faith Story with Britney Marie Harris who is chatting with us about the joy, patience, and trust of her journey with The Lord.

From encouraging others to take leaps to actually taking leaps herself, Britney is an inspiration to us all as we listen to where the Lord is leading us and learn to follow Him, even when the struggle is still very real.

Prepare to feel seen, encouraged, and energized after tuning into this conversation! Let's jump right in.

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Entrepreneurship, Best Friends, and Ex-Friends, & Running Into God: A Journey story with Britney Harris - Transcription


Shekinah: Welcome to this week's episode of the Truths and Promises podcast. Today, we have another Journey of Faith Story with my girl, Britney Marie Harris. And I'm so excited that she's here with us to share her journey and her story with each of you. This is going to be an episode, for the books. Y'all so get ready. And at this point, I'm going to turn it right on over to Britney, allow her to introduce herself. Go ahead, Britney.

Britney Harris: Hey y'all! Hey girl. So I am Britney Marie Harris and I speak. I'm a keynote speaker. And what I do essentially is to help women obliterate the stumbling blocks to their personal and professional success. I want to help you take your leap. I want to help you overcome, like your doubt, your fear and walk encouraged to really leap into all that I feel God has placed with in all of us. I love all things, Beyonce, Jesus, public speaking, for sure, and really just helping people to do the things that they want. Like I don't believe in living a life of what if, and I wonder, and. You don't have to, we're going to do it. We're going to live it. We're going to be it. And that's really just where my passion lies. I'm a talker, if you can tell. So I'm excited for this and thank you so much for just having me here.

Shekinah: Yeah. Well, for our listeners who might be new or haven't listened to one of these journey of faith stories before, essentially the premise behind this is to have real conversations, which I know is going to be a check check and check with Britney. And it's going to be a conversation about our journey, and God's glory. It's about His faithfulness and His never ending love during these journey of faith story conversations, I invite our guests to share whatever God has placed on their hearts in this season, as long as it, of course, encourages us to walk by faith, live in victory and above all else, obey God. So as always, I like to start these conversations by asking what's one of your favorite truths or promises that we can find in the scripture and where can we find it?

Britney Harris: So this changes all the time, depending on the season that I'm in. In this season, like right now, today, it is Matthew 6 and it's verses 28 through 30, and it pretty much is just saying, why you worried about your clothes? Think about the flowers. Think about the lilies in the field, right. And how they don't work. They don't get up. They don't go clock in. They don't pay taxes, they don't have to invest and save for retirement. They don't have to do any of that. And yet they're clothed, they're taken care of. Right? So like how much more, pretty much, well, how much more will God clothe you? And it actually says, now if God so clothes, the grass of the field, right? Will he not much more clothe you? Oh, ye of little faith. And that is my absolute favorite promise in this season because I'm in this transition period right now. Okay. So background, I quit my job and took a huge leap. Took a huge, huge, huge leap. So when I'm talking about leaps I'm not talking about it to be cute.

I'm not talking about it just to make you feel good. I'm saying it because I'm living it. And if you've ever walked into uncharted territory, like, I don't know a lot of entrepreneurs personally, closely, who showed me the way I'm figuring it out. Right. And I have to remember daily. How much more. How much more. How much more will he clothed me?

If a flower that is not capable of doing half of what I can do, is not skilled or gifted, or just given half of what I'm given and can still thrive. I have to rest in that. So it's a reminder when the bills are due, but there's no income. It reminds me when, you know, I have to pay for this. I have to eat, gas went up, we know that. When I still got to put gas in my tank, you know? So in those moments where I'm like, okay, it seems like I have more, what is it more bills than I have money? Or just when I'm frustrated, like when is my big break going to come. I have to remember how much more. So in this season this particular scripture has proven to be just exactly what I needed.

Like it is literally just saving my life and keeping me, keeping me afloat, because I don't know if I didn't have this promise, what else I would hold on to.

Shekinah: Mm, that's so good. Yeah. I love this scripture so much for the same reasons of it just reminds us. What do we really have to worry about? I mean, if the flowers in the field look beautiful? If the birds flying through the sky, always have food to eat. How much more does God love us? How much more does He care about us? What is there to worry about?

Britney Harris: Easier said than done, though.

Shekinah: Yes.

Britney Harris: Especially I'm finding when it comes to like your finances. I feel like it's harder when it comes to money conversations because the bill is due on the third. It's the third, there's no money there. What do you do? What do you do? Yeah, so I'm learning and I have, I'm being disciplined also in that I have like a business account. Right. But you can't run the business account, you can't be co-mingling funds and just trying to go shop. No, you have to be disciplined. So whatever is not in the checking in the savings, is not there. You know what I mean? Again, when it comes to finances, that is something that is so like absolute, you have to give them money. You can't pray and say, you can't call the phone company and be like, Hey, I'm gonna pray for you. Can you accept that?

Shekinah: Cause I ain't got your money. So I'm going to put you on my prayer list.

Britney Harris: Yeah. They say, oh, that's cute. Thank you. But run us our money. Yes. And that interest, you know, so. Even more, it just takes even more trust and faith in God and believing that He really is going to come through and do what He said He would do. And I don't want to get ahead of myself, but since we're here, I'm learning that this journey had nothing to do with me actually leaving my job or quitting or the business or all these things that I thought it was about. This has been a faith walk. It's been about faith and I'm learning, like there are so many of us who want to do these things and we can do it, in terms of our abilities, right? Our skill set, our knowledge. It's not that stuff. It's about your faith. Can you be obedient and jump and leap when God tells you to, even if you can't see the other side of it. And so this scripture, every time I walk outside and I look at just the birds or the grass, like I physically smile, cause I like all right God, I feel you. I hear you and I have not missed a meal. I have not missed a bill. I have not had to completely sacrifice my lifestyle, in that I'm still able to go. If I want to go hang out or just go here, I can do it. I've had to cut back a little bit, but God has just been taking care of everything and it blows my mind when I tell you, I kid you not, it blows my mind, every single time.

Shekinah: Yeah, that is, yeah. That's the faithfulness of God. And that's all He's ever asked of His children, even when they were in the wilderness. That's what, that's what the 1140 really came all about was because they lost faith in a faithful God that would carry them through. So then they ended up spending 40 years wandering around the wilderness because of that lack of faith.

And all He wanted from them was, will you trust me? Will you obey me? And I will provide for you. And it's just really beautiful to hear God doing that, in this modern day in time through your story and through your journey, that is so beautiful. So is there anything more that you can say about what it looks like to stand on this promise during a wilderness season?

Have there been other times where you felt like you've had to stand on this promise?

Britney Harris: Absolutely. I think that that's life. Where at least my life I'm always like, all right, here we go. Let's trust, let's you know, have faith. Outside of just the job aspect of leaving my job. I'm very grateful, very proud of just how it all happens, but even just like, in relationships, right?

So not just romantic, but platonic as well. Actually right now, I'm in the middle of having a stand on the promise with a few relationships that, no longer serving me. And it's hard because it's always the people that you never thought, or the relationships you never thought would end or fade or, you know, grow distant. And right now, aside from the job and the work, and that's already something, just having a manage my emotions with those changing relationships, I feel like that's something that you never really hear or talk about as you get older, like nobody tells you, what do you do when your friends are not your friends anymore?

When your mentors disappoint you. Or the people that you look to, to guide you have not been guiding you. And I have, I don't operate in gray areas. That's very difficult for me. I am a black or white person. Either it's upwards, down, it's left or it's right when you're like, oh, it could be both. It throws me off. You're playing with my mind now. And there are a few relationships now that have been so hard for me. Like when I'm I tell I'm talking tears, I'm talking like therapy, I'm talking things.

So I'm learning like the hardest part for me about being an adult is having to deal with the changing seasons. Like nobody ever told me how to deal with losing friends, how to deal when somebody ghosts me, how to deal with like the mentor that disappoints you or the people who you expected the most from have honestly given you the least, and that has been such a wilderness thing for me. I know some, like for me, I often think of a wilderness as just something, a lot deeper or heavier, but what I love, I love, I go hard. I don't care if we are dating or if we're just close friends. If you're my sorority sister, a friend, my classmate, I got your back. I love you. And so having to just deal with the fact that all relationships are not going to be reciprocated or reciprocal, right. Or it's not always going to look the way that I hope or sometimes I just have to adjust my expectations. And that is the biggest thing. Like I do this really weird thing. I don't know if y'all can relate. If not, don't judge me, just let me have it, where sometimes I've meet people and I elevate them on this hope. Not nothing that they've shown me, nothing that they've proved to actually be true, but my, my hope and my hope alone. And so I put people on pedestals and I interact with them in a way as if they're kind of above me, and then they disappoint me and I'm like, oh, you're a human. You were a human when I first met you, but I didn't give you that space to show me that because I was so excited on your potential. So it's been, that has been hard. That has been wild for me. And just how much more. God provides with the financial aspect, He provides with the job and the work, He'll also provide with the relationships. And I promise you every single time I've had a really rough run in with someone. Interaction that left me in tears. Almost always, somebody will send me a text. I love you so much. Somebody will call me. Hey, just thought about you. What are you doing, girl? Somebody will do the things that I didn't get from the person I'm in conflict with. And when that happens, I feel like it's just the reminder. How much more. How much more. Yeah, in all things.

Shekinah: And I think that's really good, especially, you know, and it's interesting. Cause I don't think I've really had this conversation with anyone before, but it is what you're saying is very true. Right? Like the friends that I had as a child, like I have one friend that we've been friends since sixth grade. That's solid. I mean, there were times we didn't talk though. Right. But she was in pharmacy school. I was working on a PhD. We talked at Christmas, when we were both home. And then we went our separate ways, but it was as if we had never stopped talking. There were other friends that I talked to every single day. And then all of a sudden I realized if I stopped calling, we don't talk, you know. If I stopped texting, we don't talk or if I call and leave a message, you never call me back. And for a long time, I was going through a lot of hurt with that. And I did, I went to therapy around it. Like I really sought God, even on it, just like praying like God, what is going on. And then that's when God started to show to me those other relationships, revived some old relationships. Had the random text messages and I'm like, you know what? I spend too much time thinking about the pieces that don't fit anymore. And that's, you know, I think when I've been reminded that there is a season for everyone, right. And there's a season for everything under the sun and sometimes our seasons seasoned shift in a way that certain relationships are no longer conducive to where God is taking us. And that is a hard lesson to lean into. Especially when you're so loyal.

Britney Harris: It's so hard. I prayed a prayer today and I said it out loud while I was driving. I said, "Lord, help me to remove all the bitterness from my heart and to interact with them in a way that does not diminish my light, your character or their feelings." It's not about being wrong is not, it's just about differences. We're just in different spaces. And I think when we get to those points, We save ourselves a lot of heartache and headaches, and tears, and all of the above, right? Because I think it's human nature to place blame. You were wrong. It's your fault. The relationship didn't work out because of you. But the reality is sometimes it doesn't work out because it's not meant to be and both parties are still great. Both people still have value to offer. Yeah. Maybe not to each other though, in this season.

And I think that is harder to reconcile with.

Shekinah: Yeah.

Britney Harris: Because if I say you did me wrong, that gives me, you know, that makes me feel good. I can walk away and be like, well, they sucked. And when I tell the story, I could be like, it's on them. But I think it requires you to go deeper. Right. And to just be more emotionally mature to acknowledge the fact that this is the end of our season. And I still love you. And I'm not going to treat you any differently, either not going to be disrespectful, not going to have an attitude and not be, and I'm not going to be bitter, but I am going to place you where you belong, which might not be at the forefront anymore. And that, that is something that I'm just learning. You see I'm praying like, God, help me, please help me. Please want me to not have an attitude. Cause I, I do have an attitude, but help it not come out.

Shekinah: Well, you know, those Florida girls.

Britney Harris: Hello. Hello. Like, oh, I can get with you now if I need to. But just except the, except the changing seasons and realize like nobody's at fault. Yeah. That's where, I'm where I am. It's not easy.

Shekinah: No, it's not. But one thing I do know is, you know, I've, I've thought about this a lot in terms of how God prunes us, right. It's to prepare us to produce more fruit. Sometimes when your branch is crowded, you can't produce fruit. Right? And so he has to prune and cut away things, but, you know, we also have the toxic culture of like this cancel culture and cut people off and not dealing with people anymore. So I also like to caution people that as they're thinking about the changes that are happening in their relationships, one way to know that like, This kind of breakup, whether it's romantic or just a friendship, or it's a business partnership. One way to note that that is God creating that sever or pruning is that it's clean. There's no bitterness, there's no strife. Like it is just a clean cut. It's severed. It's done. There's no cattiness happening around it. And so that is, that was one thing I started looking for as I started, I started seeing those different relationships kind of fade away. Some of them are completely cut off. Some of them are just different now. Like I only expect to talk to you two times a year instead of every day of the week, you know? And, and as I started to check myself and check my heart and make sure I was in the right place, then I was like, oh, okay, this is a clean cut.

This is God, let's keep it moving. And that's fine.

Britney Harris: And something else I'm learning, God is just so amazing. Sometimes He'll cut it for you, to where, like you don't have to even be the bad guy. He'll even make it seem like it's them, like He'll let them sparked the idea. Yeah. He'll let them take the initiative and I sit back and I'm like, oh, thank you, God, because now my hands are not dirty.

I don't seem like the insensitive bad person. You know, the things we say when we're emotional. I want you to think it's your idea. Great. I'm okay with it. You can break up with me first because I was already thinking it. Yeah, man, God has done that at least twice in the last month where there were relationships that just kind of fell on their own. And I was, I was actually gonna make the take, you know, take the initiative. I was going to say, Hey, let's talk. I was going to do that. But before I could even do it, they called me. Like, hey, I don't think that's a good idea. Oh, perfect. Wow. Thank you so much. Thank you. I appreciate it. And in the back, I'm praising God. Like, yes. That's like that that's weight off my shoulder. I don't have to think about it anymore.

Shekinah: Yeah.

Britney Harris: And I love when that happens when things just organically end. And again, you don't have to like, take the blame for it or it just doesn't have to be this ugly split. You both can be amicable. Move on. I'm all for it.

Shekinah: Yeah. No, I love that. You know, as, as we're talking about this, it makes me, it takes me back to the children of Israel in the time that they were spending in Egypt. The reason that they were in Egypt in the first place was because of a really strong and great relationship between Pharaoh and Joseph. And that's what got all of the children of Israel to Egypt in the first place, then that relationship soured and they became slaves in Egypt. And then God had to step in with Moses, change Pharaoh's heart, harden Pharaoh's heart, soften Pharaoh's heart. It was an entire process for them to get out of Egypt and into the wilderness and then on their way to the promised land. And of course, as we talk about here, that journey should have taken 11 days, but really it took 40 years. So. I'm wondering, you know, we've talked about this story quite a bit, and I'm wondering how you see that 1140 story and the meaning behind that story of getting through the wilderness, to the promised land and sort of that time that God has given you. How that story or the meaning of that story resonates with you and your journey.

Britney Harris: When I think of that story, right, about the Israelites going into the promised land, I'm always like Britney, just listen the first time, because the lesson is repeated until learned. We are going to continue to endure the same ol' things until we learn the lesson that is intended to teach us. So obedience is really just all it takes.

Obedience and belief and faith. And so trusting God, listening the first time, not allowing the thoughts in my head to overshadow what God already said, not allowing the people around me and the voices around me to silence my own or silence God's. So when I, when I read that story, particularly I'm just inspired, it could take longer than it has to. What determines that is me. What determines that is us. What determined that was the Israelites. It wasn't God.

Shekinah: That's facts.

Britney Harris: He didn't say, oh, I'm going to make it take, 40 years. He didn't make, he didn't say I'm going to make it take 500. Whatever. No, he gave them a very specific assignment. It was very clear. Yeah.

Yeah. He gives us very specific instructions. It's very clear. It's just on us and on me. So. And, and don't get me wrong sometimes I ain't gone lie to you. Sometimes I do what I want to do, because I just think I know everything.

Shekinah: I heard you ran off to China. At one point.

Britney Harris: I ran off to China at one point. It was an incredible experience. We met in college at the best university and I graduated and moved to China, right. Left, moved to China. And I thought it was an amazing thing at the time. Everybody was so proud and it was great. Do not get me wrong. I don't regret it. I still cannot believe that I did it. It's wild. It wasn't until I came back maybe a few years ago. I realized I went to China because I was running. Now, I made it sound good at the time. And I was like, yeah, I just wanted to do something different. I just wanted a break. And that was true because I had so much going on in college. I was in this really wild toxic relationship that took so much from me, like so much from me in my way of going to China was an escape. It was a leave me alone. It was, I don't want to talk to any of y'all. I just want to sit with myself and with God, but in hindsight though, it was a good thing, I was still running. And so we can run to good things. We can be doing great things, but it doesn't mean that that's your assignment and China worked out, again, it was, I wasn't in danger. It was a great opportunity. And I did learn, and I do believe I grew closer to God, but I often wonder how much further would I be in my journey if I just did what I knew I was supposed to do, which is to be a speaker. Stop playing stop trying to act like you girl. I was like, I want to be a dentist. I want to, I don't want to work in nobody, mouth. All of these things, I kept trying to tell myself that I wanted, which wasn't really true. And so what could have maybe happened years ago is finally happening now and I'm grateful. But I think about what, what should have taken 11 days took 40 years and that that's a reminder. No focus. Listen. Focus. Trust. Act. When God says to act, and act on what he's telling you to act on, because you can be doing good things, but if it's not what God told you, it's still a disobedient.

Shekinah: Yeah. That's like that partial obedience or delayed obedience is still disobedient.

Britney Harris: Absolutely. So we have a responsibility to go and do what God is telling us to, even if it doesn't make sense to us, even if we don't like it believing that He has us positioned, right, where we need to be is, is enough. And while China was great and all the other things that I've done in my life have been amazing in and of themselves, it still it wasn't, I don't believe some of those things were the things that God wasn't necessarily calling me to. I just needed a break. Thank God. They worked out. They did not harm me. But just listen. When God speaks, just listen and do it when he says it, because he's not going to steer you wrong. And even when you don't have all the information, even when you can't see beyond yourself or see beyond the ask or the, or, or the, the step there is something great on the other side of it.

Shekinah: Yeah.

Britney Harris: It's the promised land.

Shekinah: I love that. I love that. And I mean, yeah, our wilderness seasons, honestly, don't have to be this like some tumultuous trying stormy difficult season. Right. It could be things like going to China and having a great time, although that's not exactly where you should be. Right.

Like when they were in the wilderness, God was still right there with them. His presence was always right there in the center, leading them, guiding them, behind them, protecting them. He was always there with them. So many times, I think as Christians, we think we can like run in a different direction or do a different thing. But related to your story, it sounds like you just ran straight into God anyways. And at some point you would have to come to a reckoning. And then I also I'm put in remembrance of the scripture that talks about. Those that love the Lord. Everything is going to work out for their good, right. It doesn't matter what the enemy, what trick he thinks he could play with you, or like what he thinks he could set you up for in terms of disaster.

God is going to make it work out for your good, I mean, I reflect on, I met my husband on tinder.

Britney Harris: And love that. Love that for you.

Shekinah: You know, what, what was I doing on Tinder? What might the enemy's plan have been for me on Tinder that summer? But the first person I met was my husband. And so that shut that down right there. Right. I was like, okay, I see what the enemy might mean for this. But this is what this is about to be. This is about to work out for her good. And so I really do see you're running the, China's being the same thing because those experiences allowed you to be really introspective and to see yourself through the eyes of Christ and, and to make some changes that I think your journey and your story speaks so much to people's.

Britney Harris: Yeah. You know, and I'll just add this, something that I had to like, accept this year I was meditating and I heard in my head cause like, I don't, I don't hear God audibly. Like there's not this big, like "hello" voice. I just thought it's just pop into my head. And one day the thought that I heard was, "you think you're smarter than me. You pride yourself on being so smart and that's great. You are, but you're not smarter than me. You pride yourself on being so logical, a problem-solver, but you're trying to out-think me. We both can't. We, we were no. I don't need a copilot." You know how we like to that? Oh, I'm the co-pilot or God is the copilot and no, not at all. God is the pilot period. He doesn't need us to drive anything, fly anything. And I was like, oh man, that's so true because I pride myself on how I'll figure something out. Oh, you, you don't hold up your end of the bargain.

I got it. It's fine. So I've just created this. "I got it. You're fine." Mentality or way of life to where I think I was trying to do that to God. Like I got it. You fine. And then God said, oh no, ma'am no, ma'am. So trusting God, even when I don't know the details, because God is in the details and it's really not my business or my job to figure it out.

He told me what. Yeah. The how, when, why, for how long? All of that, doesn't, it doesn't matter. He will provide in due season if ever, and even if he decides not to tell me why.