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{Podcast S2 E3} From the Walters' Couch w/ The Fashaws

Join The Walters and their special guests on this episode of From The Walters' Couch (the first guests to actually be sitting on the couch) as we continue to kick off Season 2 of the Truths and Promises podcast.

You may recognize the last name of our guests, and yes, you are right! We have Shekinah's parents with us talking about key lessons they've learned over their 35 years of marriage.

Whether you are currently married, engaged, or single, there is wisdom overflowing that you don't want to miss!

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Show Notes:

Get Connected with Gregory & Stephanie Fashaw



Get Caught Up with Season 2 Episode 2: Preview

The Walters's Couch w/The Fashaws - Transcription


Shekinah: Hey, y'all and welcome to today's episode and this is another installment of From The Walters' Couch and today we have with us The Fashaws, my lovely parents.

Justin: Welcome to the couch, The Walters' couch. It's good to be here today and we have my in-laws, lovely in-laws here with us today.

Mr. Fashaw: I like that. Lovely.

Justin: They're amazing people. They're a blessing to our lives. Glad to have this conversation.

Shekinah: And as always, while we're on the couch, diamond is somewhere walking around this house. So please pardon her if she's making too much noise or she randomly starts barking at some point.

Justin: She might bark, one or two times.

Mr. Fashaw: She's a part of the family now.

Shekinah: She is, she's a part of the Walters 'couch.

So welcome to our couch. Y'all happy that you all could be here in person, you all are first guest on our couch, in person.

Mrs. Fashaw: Thank you. Glad to be here.

Shekinah: So we're happy to have y'all here. We want to just start out by letting the people know who you are. So if you could just tell us your name, where you're from, where you live, what you do, what you've done. I know y'all are enjoying retirement.

Mr. Fashaw: So by the way, you have a lovely couch.

Shekinah: Thank you, Justin picked it out.

Justin: Yeah, I picked it out and I just spray it with Febreeze.

Mr. Fashaw: It's nothing like having a couch like this. A couch like this makes you lazy. It's nothin' like having a lazy man. Being retired, being retired. That's one of the things that my wife has to fight against to make sure, 'honey, come on, you got to move, make it happen now.' I hear those vocals from her all the time. She's like, "what are you going to do today? Set things in order. Let's go." I said, okay, we'll get it done.

Mrs. Fashaw: That's right.

Shekinah: Okay. So tell us, who are you, where are you from? What do you do?

Justin: Tell us all the goods.

Mr. Fashaw: Okay. Honey, would you like to go first?

Mrs. Fashaw: Well, first I'm Evie Stephanie Fashaw.

Shekinah: Give the whole government name.

Mrs. Fashaw: AKA Stephanie, Prophetess Stephanie. I'm a member of His Touch Restoration Training Center, co-pastoring with my husband, Dr. Gio Fashaw. Also I'm a native of Florida. It's where our daughter was birthed, Boca Raton, Florida.

Mr. Fashaw: Honey, say it like, you know, you would say sometime, doctor what... Dr. Fashaw.

Mrs. Fashaw: Dr. Fashaw.

Mr. Fashaw: I just get a kick out of that, everyone. I just love my wife. As you all, I'm telling you are in for a thrill today. It's going to be exciting. You're going to love it. Listen, just give me a second to beat. Get myself together. Oh, who am I? I am Gregory L. Fashaw. I would love for you to call me GL when you can, but listen, I'm an alumni of PBA. And I also was at Florida A&M University. Had opportunities to study a little theology and social working, and I'm just enjoying life now. I am retired and but really, can I tell you the truth? I'm not retired, I just got started. And so we're doing you know, we flip home.

We dib and dab in real estate here and there. We doing a look crypto. Hello, everyone. You better come into the crypto world. Crypto is making millionaires. Do you hear me? And so I'm really, I love marriage. Marriage is one of the greatest things that happened to me. I didn't know I was going to get married.

You know, I met my wife and I think it was about seven days. How many days was it? Seven, eight days. Eight days. I always say seven. She says eight. So we put it together and I proposed to her in eight days. Listen, someone out there, listen, don't be afraid. It can happen. In eight days. I proposed to her.

Because I knew in my heart, she was the one I was praying. And right around the time I, you know, right around the time honey, when I proposed to you, I was literally getting ready to go get this ring, you know, this ring and pretend that I was married at the time I was coming on different platforms, preaching, sharing the gospel, going out evangelizing. It was just fun, but you know, I'll save some for later.

I would like to say, Shekinah, you are one of the greatest daughters anyone can ever have.

Shekinah: I'm the only daughter that you have

Mr. Fashaw: Can I say one more thing? Justin.

Justin: Yes.

Mr. Fashaw: You are really growing. Since the time I met you, you have matured so much. I remember you just sitting there and it's like, you had no words. Now, it's like, I can't listen. I can't come in the door without you saying anything. This guy is so wise and he is an engineer and all that good stuff.

I really love this couple. If I had to pattern my marriage, I would look at Shekinah and Justin and say, man, they're doing it the right way. So I want to say hats off to you guys and make sure you keep getting that honey out of the rock and it's going to work for you. Okay. That's enough about me guys.

Shekinah: Okay, cool. So these are my parents, and I'm happy ya'll can meet them. I think I want to start off. Should we do marriage advice? Best relationship advice?

What is, you know, one valuable piece or you could give us a couple of valuable pieces of marriage or just general relationship advice for those listeners that aren't married yet?

Mr. Fashaw: I would, the first thing that I will sit in a marriage after being married for 35 years.

Shekinah: Let me just note that he's looking at my mom for confirmation, obviously 35 years. Yes. 35 years.

Mr. Fashaw: 35 years. We have it right. Everybody clap. Yay. Yay.

Justin: Valentine's Day is next week. You got to get it right.

Mr. Fashaw: Yes. And so 35 years of marriage, the thing that is what comes up, that I, what I had to learn, I. I was to shape and mold her into the woman that I wanted to see.

And so on what the Lord began to train me was that through prayer, through listening, you know, through bumps and everything, and she kind of got the rough side of it. And I just had finally laid back and allowed her to be the woman God designed her to be. And instead of me molding her, shaping her. I thought being a wonderful wife, a great woman, with a man was that she was to think like me. One of the things that you can do wrong is try to get your spouse to think like you.

Justin: Right.

Mr. Fashaw: In the moment you do that. And you begin to go down that trail where you want your spouse to think like you. Can I promise you, you will need a time out pill.

A time out pill means that you need to chill, relax, because it's going to be frustrating. I don't care how much you want your spouse to think like you, it is not going to work. How can a woman think like a man anyhow? I don't know how.

Justin: I mean they have a book. It doesn't work.

Mr. Fashaw: So and so that will be the first thing I would bring to the table. Give yourself time, space, and, and the qualities that you're looking for one another, because you know what time you get married and you're just at that altar, you know, he's that shining what? The man is, the shining what? Come on guys. He's your shining armor.

He's your shining knight. Yes. He's like, he's your dream. Like, oh my God, this is happening. I'm at the alter and he's getting married and you just expect everything to be like so beautiful. And then when you get into the home and you find out he doesn't do things and you're like, wow. Then you begin to say, well, how marriage is really building two people who are, who may do things differently. Where they have to compromise. So you will have to compromise in order for your marriage to blend in. And once it start blending, it be just like a rainbow. There's a golden pot at the end of it. Trust me. For 35 years. I can say I have a pot of gold over here.

Mrs. Fashaw: Glory to God. My advice to women would be know that you are a wise woman. Know that you're the rib that comes from a man side. Don't ever feel inferior that he won't listen because he will listen to every soft tone that you've spoken. I think about Abigail and Nabal. So many times we focus on Nabal, how foolish he was.

Mr. Fashaw: Do we really have to bring Nabal in this?

Mrs. Fashaw: Peace out. We're thinking about Abigail, what a wise woman she was to cover her husband. Wow. So in everything that we do as women, we take back. I found out that as I listen. And 'so, okay, Lord, what would you like me to do?' And God will give you the answer. Holy Spirit speaks to you every time. No, I'm not just saying Bible Bible, Bible, but it is what has worked for me.

Truly worked for me. To be a listening ear. Men want someone to listen.

Justin: Yeah, I think so. I would agree. I think you know, through life or like through the day, sometimes you just want to have somebody to just listen to your thoughts and like what's in your head and not really, you know, I'll tell you what to do or how to do it, but just say, 'Hey, this is how I'm feeling' and just, you know, confide in what your feelings about the day.

And I think you do that now. I think that's good.

Mr. Fashaw: And then another thing is to enjoy. It's not, you know, a lot of times with us, it was always like, you would think it's a place of correction when there's an easier way and a better way, because the way you've been doing it so long doesn't mean that it is the best way or is the way of excellence for you two. So a lot of times we, we can easily pattern our relationship from the marriages or the homes that we come from and grew up in and that's you know, like the old American way, the old traditional way. And you know, but who said it was the, that was the way for every marriage. So we have to take time and find out, you know, the pressure points, what really, what really bothers her.

That's what I need to know, what really moves her. That's what I need to know, what will bring the best out. So guest what, I'm looking for my wife to treat me like a king. Well, how can I get her to treat me like a king when I just say, would you just move over here? And then I could have easily said, honey, it would really help me if you move over here.

So your language, so don't make a person believe that they must think like you and know what you're thinking. And then don't have the voice tones. You've got to begin to learn to be an artist in your language with each other, because it will pull out the sweetest honey and everything. You know, if you just have the right words and have the right things to say, you can get a woman to do anything for you.

And then, you know, when she, when you find out there's a certain time, I need you to call me over, like for you to call me. Fit right in there. That's easy. Hey, how you doing, honey? How are things going? She hear that. When you come home, you was like, man, you have a desire for a cake or something sweet or something. And before you know it, you didn't even ask her and she already had it. How does that work? I don't know. That's God's business with married people.

Justin: So would you say that, you know, through relationship and through marriage, those things come out through like time and being in a marriage and understanding your partner's thoughts and what they need for you to move and progress in your marriage. Right? Because I think when me in Shekinah got married, first off, it was like, you know, we moved in together and then there's things that I did that may annoy her and things that she did that may annoy me, right? You kind of live how you figure out how to, you know, live in one space and like what makes it work.

So do you think that comes with like time and patience with your partner, with your wife?

Mrs. Fashaw: I believe it comes with time and patience as well, but then it comes with the conversation. You have your daily, you know, nothing that lasts two hours or three hours, but daily you talk about was your day good? How did it go? Were you satisfied with how I treated you? I was satisfied with how you treated me or I wasn't, whatever the case may be. It's just good to communicate. It truly is.

Mr. Fashaw: You hit that on the head, communications is so unique and then you need to understand how your spouse communicates and what avenues they communicate in. Cause you really desire to meet that need, you know, you desire to meet that need of, of your spouse.

Yes. And so Shekinah, I have a question for you. If I can ask you a question.

Shekinah: Sure.

Mr. Fashaw: You still love me.

Shekinah: Yes.

Mr. Fashaw: Okay, good. That's all.

Shekinah: This is literally almost weekly occurrence where he calls me and it's just like, I'm just calling to see. So you could tell me something and I'm just like, well, what do you think I should tell you?

That you love me. So this is just the thing that is consistent, as a part of our relationship. I want to go back to the beginning where you started talking about how you all met seven days, eight days is still up for debate. Got engaged. Got married four months later, still married 35 years later. And I want to know what made you all get married so fast, so soon, with that quickness, like what made you know that you were... yep, this is it.

"Yup this is it." That's a good summary.

Mrs. Fashaw: Well, along with the Lord speaking and showing, because as he asked me one night, "Do I think I can marry a person like him." I said, 'sure.' You're in The Word, you love the Lord, you have a job, you know, do you know how to treat your . So therefore, you know how to treat a wife?

Those sorts of things. So after he asked me to marry him on the eighth day after I met him.

Mr. Fashaw: New beginnings.

Mrs. Fashaw: Yes. Then we talked and it could have been like while he was on deputy duty, one Thursday night. He said to me that after he proposed on a Monday on Thursday night, well, when do you think we should get married. Ask the Lord and see. I later found out he had a timeframe.

He didn't have a date, but a timeframe. So as the Lord showed me this vision of a desk calendar, small desk calendar, and I was flipping the page and the hand of the Lord would flip it back. I would flip the page again and the wind would flip it back. And then I flipped again. I'm like Lord, but this is not a year.

The Lord said and showed me on the calendar December 12th. The date you're to get married is Friday, December 12th and it was 19, not 1987, it was 1986. So therefore we, we got married in four months. We just planned a wedding. So God truly spoke and according to him, it was a confirmation to his desires and what he asked the Lord, he wanted to get married this year.

He didn't want to wait until next year.

Mr. Fashaw: Wow. I remember that day. I was literally trying to back out. She didn't know that, but I knew she did not know when we needed to get married and things of that nature. And and I knew it was in December. And so when she looked at the calendar and everything, and I said, if she can't answer this, I say, this would be my way out.

I will spend quality time in person. I, but I'm a believer and I believe the Lord will direct that pear and that God can literally speak to us. Yes. No. Or God just conveyed to us what we should do. So without going into the depth of, of that, I just knew I had an apostle that I was sitting under and I would travel from Delray to Miami.

And from Delray to Miami, then I would go and spent quality time at ministry in Miami almost all day and come back. But then there was something unique the pastor, apostle saw, and he pulled me in the office and said, "Yo, man, what are you going to do?" I say, I'm getting ready to do ministry full time. I'm going to evangelize. And it's like, I'm going to bring the world to Christ. He looked at me and said, young man, before you go out trying to bring the world to Christ, get you a wife. He said that. And I said 'what?' I was so broken. I just knew he was going to lay hands on me. This fire was going to hit me and the annointing that he was going to send me out and I was going to go evangelize.

I just saw folks getting saved, delivered, healed, man. And it's just crazy, you know, that part of my life. And so, but then he just bust my bubble, slowed me down and says, it's not like that. He say, if you go out and young man, where you just coming from college and everything. And then you said, there's so many wolves out there, say them ladies will try to eat you alive. Get you a wife.

And so he says, so then when you get your wife, this is when you come back in here, then I will ordain and, and work with you and help train you. And so after that next Sunday, between next Sunday and a couple of weeks, I missed that Sunday then, and I came back. I said, okay, I knew I was going to have a wife.

And so I went to one of the services at Macedonia, this church in Boca Raton. But guess what? Let's make a real short. I was invited by her sister, Sabrina. I was fasting and it was on a Wednesday. That Wednesday, I was on a three day fast and on a three-day of fasting, I was praying I had to go to the store called Winn-Dixie.

Some people probably don't know cause Winn-Dixie is kind of like fading away, you know, if you know Aldi's and stuff like that. So it was a shop. So when I went there, Sabrina was working behind the counter or in the deli, and she said, Greg Fashaw and she went to scream cause we went to high school together and her husband was one of my best friends.

And so I said, wow, Sabrina. Then she like, wow, I heard you preachin' and all that. Cause I, when I went in, I was singing hallelujah songs and she looked up and saw me and said, wow. She said, I want you to come preach for me. And that's how it happened. So I went to the church that Sunday and I met your lovely mother. And so when she came in there, I did not know who she was, because Sabrina showed me a picture of her sister, Stephanie.

Mrs. Fashaw: That was not so favorable.

Mr. Fashaw: That picture looks like I'm like, well, who is that? It looked like who was the, you know how sometimes you can just have a bad picture. Yeah. Well, her sister was walking around with this bad picture. I couldn't understand why. So she, so say this, my sister say she runs the program. I said, okay. So I was looking for her sister in church and couldn't find her. And then she pops up and she's the one facilitating the program. I said, 'that's her sister?'

So it was just shocking. But then, so I began to sit there and pray in the spirit and I prayed and I prayed and I said, and then I began to listen to her. And what happened was I was able to hear the heartbeat of God. I was able to hear the voice of God through her voice and I'm meaning she was connected.

She was connecting with the Lord. I'm like, wow, that's awesome. And I said, and I look, and it wasn't the beauty or nothing like that. It was just, my heart went out and touch and I made connection with her spirit and I said, okay, I can marry this lady right here. That was the first one, the first day. I said, Lord, I can marry this lady.

Right here. And she has good faith. She's in the house of the Lord. And and I started praying and I started praying and I said, okay, Lord, we'll see. So for three days I prayed. Three days. You know, I used to play three hours. And so I spent about nine hours crying out to God talking about her. And so then God kinda like gave me a sign. Let me know that I could propose to her and everything. I tried to invite her to a Bible study and then we ended up at Bible study from Bible study. Then we went to a all night prayer meeting and everything. Yes. Yes. Bible study was the first date.

Mrs. Fashaw: I invited him to my ladies Bible study that Friday night.

Shekinah: Why? Because you want to introduce him to one of your friends?

Mr. Fashaw: She did

Mrs. Fashaw: That was at church, but I invited him before he proposed. I invited him that Friday night to my girls Bible study that we had every Friday night. It was so awesome. So anointed. Prophetic word came that I would have a husband. God is sending me a husband. I'm like, okay. And that same night he invited me to Fort Lauderdale to his midnight prayer.

So we were in Bible study and prayer from like 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM the next morning, since it was all night.

So in that, in that meeting, Apostle Shelley Ball came to me and she prophesied that the Lord has given me a husband. Wow. Giving me my heart's desire. And by the time she finished prophesies, she says that brother Greg the Lord is talking about? I said, I don't know. I don't know Lord, what's going on? Because I had a dream and I, you know, nobody wants to walk in lust. And that Thursday morning, I had a dream that I was having a baby and didn't want nobody's baby, but Greg Fashaw. My sister woke up from a dream and said, Steph, I had a baby in a stroller, a baby boy. And you had a baby boy in a stroller. And I just scratch my head. I say, hold that thought, I'm on my way to work.

And I finished getting dressed and I just went down the road praying and like, Lord, cleanse my heart, purify me. I don't want lust the body with me.

Shekinah: And see it's amazing that's how confirmation works. The story that pops in my head is when Mary ran to Elizabeth and Elizabeth was the confirmation as the baby leaked inside of her, that the savior was inside of Mary and so it's you know, I often look to that story because along that story, Mary, you know, was fearful and the angel had to tell her don't be fearful. And there were just so many confirmations that happen to bring it all, to pass.

Mrs. Fashaw: Mary fearfulness. She wasn't married yet. So Joseph had to cover her in a whole nother way.